Year: 2017

Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems: Available at Bexley Hot Water Repairs

Blog | December 6th, 2017

When in search for a new electric hot water system, you need to consider the merits of the ones manufactured by Rheem. Bexley Hot Water Repairs proudly carries this brand since it is a reliable and durable one. We believe in providing the best products and services possible to our clients and that is the […]

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Important Things To Remember in Water Heater Installation

Blog | December 4th, 2017

If a stream of hot water has devolved into a tepid sprinkle, don’t blame your taps. It’s likely the household water heater that’s responsible for your lukewarm water. After all, these appliances may be built to fade into the background, but they’re still one of the important components in an occupied structure. If it’s to […]

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Electric and Gas Water Heaters: What are the Differences?

Blog | November 7th, 2017

You aren’t going to spend a fun afternoon shopping around for a replacement water heater, so you might as go into the endeavour with some information on your side. Today we are going to be looking at the real heart of your home, the water heater, and the different types available. The two most common […]

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What Makes Solar Water Heaters A Practical Choice?

Blog | November 1st, 2017

Would you say that you are pretty used to having the ability to turn a faucet and get hot water? Having hot water in your home makes life much more convenient, and not having to break your bank account for it is even better. Today we are going to talk about one of the most […]

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How Do Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Work?

Blog | October 24th, 2017

You rely on your hot water system every single day, ideally. From doing the dishes to taking a hot shower, having adequate hot water flow is an absolute imperative. Many people do not look past their need in order to analyse how their system works. Well, today we are going to change that. Let’s talk […]

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Reasons Why Water Heaters Fail and Break Down

Blog | October 9th, 2017

There’s nothing quite as amazing as coming home to see that you can’t take a hot shower. Your dish washer won’t run a load of dishes and clean them. You can’t even take a bath! The reason is simple: your water heater has failed on you and you likely never saw it coming. As it […]

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The 4 Keys to Buying A Reliable Hot Water System

Blog | September 28th, 2017

You’re sitting on the couch after work one evening and you hear a bang and a thump. You go to take a shower and find that nothing comes out but cold water. Your hot water system is on the fritz and needs to be replaced. Not a good thing, right? Well, if you find yourself […]

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24-Hour Emergency Hot Water Repair Services in Sydney: You Have It When You Need It Most

Blog | September 18th, 2017

After a long day, there is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath. The only problem is that when you turn on the tap just cold water comes out of it. When you go to investigate what the problem is, you discover a puddle of water or other issue with your hot water heater. Also, […]

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