What Makes Solar Water Heaters A Practical Choice?

November 1, 2017

Would you say that you are pretty used to having the ability to turn a faucet and get hot water? Having hot water in your home makes life much more convenient, and not having to break your bank account for it is even better. Today we are going to talk about one of the most efficient and newly popular ways to keep hot water in your home: solar water heaters. Solar water heaters aren’t yet the norm but they are rapidly trending toward that direction. Let’s discuss what solar water heaters are and how they can benefit your life in a practical and efficient manner.

The Solar Water Heater System

A solar water heater operates in the exact fashion that you would expect: via solar power. Solar water heaters are becoming more popular in certain areas because they offer a more affordable, convenient, and efficient energy source for customers who want to get away from gas or electric systems. Solar water heaters have a few requirements before they can be installed but a professional company can outline those for you before installation. Let’s look at the key factors each solar water heater system must pay attention to:

1. Collector Area – Solar water heaters operate on solar energy and as such, it is required that enough energy is collected from the sun for the system to properly operate. Depending on the size of your home, you may need to have a larger collection area.

2. Storage – Much like a regular gas or electric water heater, you must also be aware of the size of your storage tank when shopping for a solar water heater. Typically, a small, 60 gallon, tank can sufficiently provide hot water for up to three people. As your family grows larger you must also look at tank sizes to match.

3. Climate – Finally, solar energy requires enough sun to be effective. In climates where you have shortened days or extensive cloudy periods, this system would not be as effective. That is why solar water heaters also operate on dual-systems, where a backup energy source will kick in if required.

Practical Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

Now that we’ve looked at three important aspects to a solar water heater, let’s look at a few practical benefits of the system.

1. Efficient – Not only are you going to reduce your carbon footprint, but you are also going to maximise every watt of spent energy. Solar water heaters are incredibly efficient.

2. Affordable – While solar water heaters have a higher cost of entry than conventional gas or electric systems, you can expect your utility bills to be cut in half. Over the long run, you will save money on your purchase.

3. Green – Solar energy is renewable and free. As long as the sun is there, so too is your hot water.

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