When Repair is No Longer Worth It, Replace Your Hot Water System

July 13, 2020

Hot water systems are essential in every household. These systems are utilised in heating the water, which is needed in regular home activities like cleaning the dishes, sterilising utensils, washing clothes, and taking a shower. Without hot water systems, families will be forced to resort to other more expensive alternatives so that they can attain the needed warm or hot water.

Daily household chores and other activities are always possible with a fully functional hot water system. However, if the system starts to manifest some abnormalities and component failure, it can typically bring inconvenience to the whole family. And while some hot water systems can still be fixed, others just do not work the same as they used to. So, does repairing your hot water system is still possible? Or do you need to replace it immediately? Here are some key indicators that tell you to do the latter.

Presence of Corrosion

The materials used for most hot water systems can resist corrosion. However, due to a long time of use and other external components, corrosion on some parts of your system may start to develop. Corroding components and chassis of your system are already permanent, which means that the corrosion process will just continue until all parts are consumed by rust. Hot water system corrosion can also affect the water output quality. With this process, discolouration and the presence of small particles in your water can be seen from your taps and showers, which is not safe for day-to-day consumption.

Leaking Water Supply

Another clear sign of a faulty hot water system is the leaking of water from the system. One of the reasons behind this problem is that the tank has too much pressure, which happens when the water temperature is set too high. Too much tank pressure can also happen when the incoming water supply is set at very high pressure. Some other reasons behind water leakage include loose drain valve, presence of cracks, loose fixtures, improper drainage, and old age. The continuous leaking of water can cause a significant increase in your water bills every month and prompt hot water system corrosion.

Strange Weird Noises

Appliances and pieces of equipment typically produce strange, weird noises if there is something wrong with their components. This situation also happens with hot water systems. There will be instances where you will suddenly hear weird noises whenever you use the system. However, as time passes by, these weird noises will still be evident even if you have turned your tap off. These noises are always a good indicator that the system is nearing the end of its service life. Repairs can still fix these noises, but they can always come back in a short time.

Aging of the System

One common reason behind hot water system replacements is that the system has already reached its end. A hot water system that has been working for 10 years or more is already a very long time, considering that it has gone through different repairs and maintenance. Its parts may have already worn or damaged over time, which also means that the efficiency of the system has significantly degraded too. When replacing your aging hot water system, this would normally be a good time to find a system that has better features and can meet the current hot water needs and demands of the household. Knowing these indicators will help you assess if you need to replace your hot water system fully or you just need some repairs. If you want some help in deciding the fate of your hot water system, feel free to contact us at Bexley Hot Water Repairs.

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