Telltale Signs that Indicate You Have a Bad Heat Pump

May 11, 2020

Whenever the outside temperature drops, most households would use their heat pump just to bring back the home temperature to a tolerable level. Aside from warming us up, this specific appliance can also make our lives easier as they can cool our homes during the hotter months.

But since heat pumps are used most of the time, there is a high chance that these heat pumps might unexpectedly reach the end of their service life in a short time. With their regular use, heat pumps are believed to be more prone to experience wear and tear compared to other appliances. To know if your heat pump now requires repairs or replacement, then you must look for the following signs. 

Inconsistent Temperature

One of the most common problems with heat pumps is that they do not provide you the optimum temperature. These appliances may still produce regular air level, but its temperature does not follow your indicated temperature. For instance, you may experience some cool air even if you set it to a warm setting and vice versa. Heat pumps with this kind of problem may have damaged compressor or other components.  

Weakened or No Air Flow

Heat pumps are intended to blow out air from the vents. Setting your thermostat to a reasonable temperature must be able to produce optimal airflow to your home. However, if there is little or no warm air coming out of your unit, then your heat pump might have damaged internal components. The same with the previous problem, any signs of weakened to no airflow means that your compressor or even your filter have some serious issues. 

Strange Noises or Odours

Heat pumps are normally intended to operate almost silently without emitting odd odours. However, if your heat pump starts to emit screeching, grinding, grating, rattling, buzzing, or ticking sound, then some of its components might require some repairs, cleaning, or even replacements. These maintenance works are also required if any unusual odours are being emitted by your heat pump. After all, you do not want your family to inhale bad odour and harmful elements in your home. 

Leaks and Excess Moisture

Any small amount of condensation or water dripping on the outside of your heat pump is normal. But if you notice some random moisture development in your home or a sudden increase in condensation, then it is a clear sign that your unit has a problem. With leaking problems, professionals must be the only one who can replace your heat pump since some units may spring refrigerant leaks. They will also identify the source of the leak for them to assess the most cost-effective course of action.

Spike on Energy Bills

One great sign of a bad heat pump can be reflected in your energy bill. Even if you use your heat pump at an optimal level, your energy consumption will still be strangely high especially if your heat pump has damaged or unmaintained components. Any energy consumption changes with your heat pump might have to do with its low refrigerant charge, refrigerant overcharge, dirty air filter, and many more. A faulty installation of heat pumps can also contribute to an electric bill problem.

Knowing the reasons behind having a bad heat pump can help you mitigate any problems that may occur in the long run. For more information about heat pumps, just contact us now at Bexley Hot Water Repairs. 

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