The 4 Keys to Buying A Reliable Hot Water System

September 28, 2017

You’re sitting on the couch after work one evening and you hear a bang and a thump. You go to take a shower and find that nothing comes out but cold water. Your hot water system is on the fritz and needs to be replaced. Not a good thing, right? Well, if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing a new hot water system the least you can do is make sure you have the knowledge to go forward and purchase the perfect system for your needs. Today we are going to guide you down the path toward buying a reliable hot water system for your home.

Finding a Reliable Hot Water System

Did you know that the majority of hot water systems sold to customers are for precisely the scenario that we listed above? Nobody wants to go shopping for a hot water system but they do it because they need to. Taking one cold shower is bad enough to never want to do it again. If you find yourself needing a hot water system replacement immediately then take a deep breath and focus on the following tips.

1. Consider fuel types.
The most efficient and affordable type of fuel is natural gas but for some Australian households, this type of energy may not be available. Most electric hot water systems are already being phased out from production because they are terrible for the environment, unreliable, and expensive. Solar energy is also an option for people who have it available.

2. Analyse water consumption.
If you live alone in a small home then your water consumption needs are going to be small. If you live in a home with four other adults then you are likely going to need something a little heftier. Solar assisted hot water systems are perfect for a small home. Larger hot water systems that run on natural gas are ideal for bigger homes. It’s all about tailoring the system to your needs.

3. Avoid buying the same model.
If your 15 year old hot water system worked you can just replace it with another 15 year old model of the same brand, right? Not exactly. When it comes to hot water systems there have been massive innovations and new regulations laid down over the years. Old systems are woefully inefficient and they are typically terrible for your electric/gas bill and equally bad for the environment.

4. Look at your space.
if you have a ton of room then installing a high end gas system is more realistic. If you are running in a smaller space then you can consider more economically packaged hot water systems.

Closing thoughts
No matter how you decide to remedy your hot water system issues make sure you consult with professionals and do your own research. You should also be aware of any government rebate programs for greener hot water system replacements.

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