Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems: Available at Bexley Hot Water Repairs

December 6, 2017

When in search for a new electric hot water system, you need to consider the merits of the ones manufactured by Rheem. Bexley Hot Water Repairs proudly carries this brand since it is a reliable and durable one. We believe in providing the best products and services possible to our clients and that is the main reason that we carry Rheem electric hot water systems. Learn more about this brand and some of its models that we recommend in the following facts.

About Rheem

Rheem hot water systems have been number one with Australian customers ever since 1939. The reason for this is simple, Rheem products are high-performing, durable and long-lasting. Also, this brand’s hot water systems are energy efficient, regardless of their size or capacity. Only quality materials go into these systems, and this is why they are the brand that we highly recommend for your home. On top of all of this, Rheem offers a wide assortment of models that are suitable for all sizes of families.

Examples of the Models of Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems That We Carry

• Rheem’s Small Capacity is ideal for small spaces that require only a limited supply of hot water. Comes with a 7-year warranty.

• Rheem’s 45L COMPACT Electric number 191045 is specially made for a quick and simple installation. Its compact size is perfect for underneath kitchen benches, in a laundry room and inside cupboards. Comes with recessed plugs, dual-handed fittings and a 7-year warranty.

• 191/192 Rheemglas® models are currently our most popular electric hot water heaters. They come in sizes ranging from 25 L up to 160 L.

• Rheem Stellar® Electric Stainless Steel models combine the high-performance and purity of a stainless steel cylinder with efficient thermal capabilities. They come with a 10-year warranty.

• Rheem’s 491/492 series of electric water heaters come in single-element and twin-element styles in sizes 250 L, 315 L, and 400 L.

• RheemPlus® Electric Hot Water Heaters
efficiently store water at a temperature above 60-degrees C but the maximum temperature of your tap water will never be over 50-degrees C to prevent scalding. These models come with a 7-year warranty.

Turn to Bexley Hot Water Repairs to learn additional facts about Rheem electric hot water systems and which model is the ideal one for your home and family. We will meet with you to find out your specific hot water needs and make our recommendation for the size, capacity and style of Rheem system that will work efficiently for you. All of our products and services come with a guarantee for your protection. In addition, we provide 24-hour emergency services all throughout the year.

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