Benefits of Compact Gas Water Heaters

January 29, 2019

Diminutive and capable of slotting into the smallest space, compact gas water heaters are rarely larger than a medium-sized suitcase. They don’t contain huge volumes of water, these abbreviated appliances, so there’s no wait for a fresh load of hot water after a family member has taken an extended bath. Indeed, the benefits seem to sweep the board when a massive system heater is replaced by a more compact model.

Small Tank Convenience

Before heading on over to a tankless unit, there are a handful of small tanked-equipped hot water heaters on the market. Blessed with a small footprint, the typical capacity of a compact model hovers around the 135-litre mark. These skinny tanks use advanced burner technology and high-efficiency containment designs to heat small apartments. Arrayed across a modern apartment complex, expect these appliances to deliver fast recovery times while they take up very little apartment space. However, although the water load is reduced, such small containment areas really aren’t built to keep up with the needs of a larger household. In truth, there’s very little overhead available, very little reserve heat on-hand, when smaller tanked appliances are fitted. But that’s okay, at least it is if the equipment is installed in a low-capacity heating system.

Compact Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Let’s face it, these are the appliances we think of when this topic arises. Small tanks are all very well, and they do serve an important role, which is to keep smaller properties warm and toasty. For moderate-to-large scale properties, those that have more than a single occupant, the system of choice is a compact tankless system. With its small footprint, this water heater mounts on a wall. There’s no need for light construction work, for a heavy concrete plinth. Of course, a gas venting solution will be installed alongside the appliance. Now, installed in its claustrophobic mounting site, hot water is instantly available as soon as a tap is turned or a shower controller is twisted.

And there are other benefits to look forward to after the densely equipped package of parts has been fitted. Granted, this contemporary water heating solution is a little more expensive when it’s first installed, but the energy savings accrued after a few months of streamlined, tankless operation soon make up for the initial expenditure. And those savings continue, growing as the extended lifespan of the compact hot water heater stretches. Finally, without that clunky tank, on-demand gas water heaters don’t require sacrificial anodes or complicated rust-proofing mechanisms. Energy waste-free, compact gas water heaters convert their fuel to instant on-tap heat.

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