Continuous Flow Gas Water Heater: Why is it Ideal for a Large Family?

June 7, 2019

Continuous flow gas water heaters are able to scale upwards to serve larger homes. With other appliances, that feature comes at a cost. The implications are clear, non-continuous models have storage tanks. Consequently, if you imbue one with more capacity, that tank has to grow in size. That’s not exactly a good feature to have, not if a water heater is expected to accommodate a large family.

Outflanking the Laws of Thermodynamics

Okay, a tank full of hot water might just meet the needs of a large family. More than likely, however, the appliance will run out of heat before everyone has showered or bathed. Someone will receive a toasty hot shower, complete with shoulder-relaxing steam and skin-pounding heated pressure. Elsewhere, perhaps in a second bathroom, an unhappy loved one will be sitting on the bathtub edge with one hand cupping a cold liquid stream. Gushing from the tap, it’s not showing any signs of warming. Large though that tank is, it can’t sustain a hot flow rate, not if several members of a family all decide to bathe at the same time. As for how a compact continuous flow gas water heater will perform in a similar situation, this tankless, gas-fueled appliance keeps right on discharging that hot bathing resource, even when it’s simultaneously serving multiple bathrooms or kitchen appliances.

All About Tankless Scalability

With a gas or electric powered storage unit, it’s not hard to pick out a high-capacity model. The tank inside one of these beasts is physically larger. Supplied that way by a manufacturer, the equipment scales up to handle the heavier demand, as furnished by a larger family. Continuous flow gas water heaters don’t have tanks, so how do they scale to serve multi-person residences? Well, the flow rate of an on-demand unit needs to be higher than average. Expect a 280-litre per hour output minimum when selecting a tankless model that’ll satisfy the needs of a family of 5 or more. Furthermore, on top of the higher flow rate, changes are made to the burner chamber and the heat exchanger architecture. Grown slightly larger, that heat delivery subsystem efficiently processes the additional fluid throughput.

Designed to serve five persons or a larger family, continuous flow gas water heaters provide instant heat to every tap, no matter where that spigot is in the home. With a bathroom assigned to every bedroom, with laundry loads aplenty tumbling and spinning, and with food preparation chores underway, a high flow rate, on-demand gas water heater uses its instant-on flame to energize a larger than average heat exchanger mechanism. No matter the simultaneous system demands, this compact water heater never weakens, and it never leaves a loved one shivering in the cold.

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