Do Not Ignore These Common Hot Water System Noises

December 1, 2019

It is normal for hot water systems to make noises while they operate. As time passes, you will start to block out these noises when you hear them. After all, they happen all the time and you know they are not completely silent. However, there are instances when the hot water systems make unfamiliar or different noises that may signal an underlying problem or damage. Here is a list of common hot water system noises that must not be ignored.

Pops and Crackles

Pop and cackles signify abnormal sediment build up. Sediments are minerals that can accumulate in hot water system tanks. They usually sink and settle but can also settle on the top layer of the hot water system tank. As water passes through the sediment build-up, it creates a popping and crackling sound due to the sediment build-up barrier. Sometimes it comes from the resulting air bubbles created by the water’s movement.


Screeching sounds in the hot water system tank often signal a problem or damage in the valves. By nature, valves are intended for opening and closing to further control the amount of water that the hot water system exerts. In other words, when you turn on a hot tap, the valve should open to let water out through its pipe; when you turn the tap off, the valve closes to shut off the supply.

Once you hear screeches coming from your hot water system tanks, your valves might be either faulty or blocked with a scale build-up. When the water cannot move freely, it forces itself in the small opening. The blockage causes the hot water system tank to screech.


The long and whining sound you hear in your hot water system tank may indicate a problem with the heating element due to scale deposits in hard water areas. Scale is often attracted to heating elements because they are hot. When scale settles on an element, it may trap steam on the surface or create a layer of material that reacts when the element heats up. This may create a high-pitched whining noise.


A vibrating and humming sound from your hot water system tank is mostly coming from the element. In some cases, water that moves around the element may make it vibrate. This is more likely to happen if the element is slightly looser than it should be. You may hear this as a low hum.


A sizzling sound from your hot water system tank can be likened to the noise of water dripping in a hot pan. This is likely caused by an internal leak that is making water drip on to a heated part of the system. Sometimes, a system will sizzle if water condenses in the tank and then drips on to a hot part. If the sizzling sounds slightly hissy and lasts for longer than a drip, then the valve in the tank may not be opening and closing fully. Bexley Hot Water Repairs will help you deal with these noises that signal damage in your hot water system tank. If you can’t make the repairs yourself, you’ll have a qualified licensed technician at your door just after you call Bexley Hot Water Repairs.

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