Dux Brand Water Heating Systems available at Bexley Hot Water Repairs

June 11, 2018

Fine engineering services enjoy an edge that’s based on craftsmanship. Reinforcing that engineering advantage, the company can also tether their resources to one or more brands. Take the Dux brand, a range of best-in-class water heating systems. Feature rich, Bexley Hot Water Repairs endorses this premier brand label. Let’s start with quality, a metric that every consumer appreciates, for these appliance types need staying power.

The Longevity Factor 

Imagine the conditions a hot water unit endures every day. The incoming water is possibly loaded with mineral deposits. Scale forms inside the appliance, unit efficiency drops, and the resulting energy price hike makes a serious dent in the user’s bank balance. Heated until the water is kicking out steam, thermal energy exacerbates the issue. Dux brand heating systems boast a comprehensive range of top-tier hot water systems. Top of the features list on every system, product reliability and longevity assures long-term functionality.

A Feature-Rich Product Range 

The Dux name is emblazoned on every member of this elite product family. The name promises improved burner technology, an innovative flue damper design, and a ten-year warranty. That latter feature implies confidence, a degree of certitude that couldn’t exist without an intelligent product improvement strategy. In point of fact, a perpetual research and development cycle is always on hand, always pushing the Dux name towards new breakthroughs and technological innovations. Check out the ProFlo Electric Storage 400L heating system for evidence to back up that assertion.

A Case Study: The ProFlo Electric Storage 400L 

The features open up with that 10-year tank warranty. From there, the long-life enamel coating and thicker than average anode work in concert to extend tank life. On the outside, a durable steel casing adds mechanical strength. As for the flow characteristics of this water heating family, a full flow pressure output to all taps assures instant hot water. Then, moving away from the Dux electric ProFlo group, there are two-panel SunFlo models, a solar-boosted tank range that exists to reduce carbon footprints. All energy gains are matched by a superior physical form factor.

If a buyer is looking for a premier water heating system, a tank and gas or electric fuel combo that does more than the rest, they should browse through the Bexley Hot Water Repairs catalogue. It’s in here that twin-element 400L ProFlo models top the capacity range. At the lower end, there are single element 25L and 50L tanks, plus their gas-fueled cousins. Then, for truly sustainable power, there’s the SunPro line, a solar-powered product range that pairs Dux reliability with the sun’s everlasting sunrays.

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