Hot Water Supply for One-Bedroom Apartments: Install Rheem Electric Water Heaters

April 18, 2019

As much as it’s possible to undersize a hot water system, it’s also conceivable that a heating engineer could oversize the equipment. Clearly, a lone occupant won’t need as much hot water as a family unit. What’s more, a landlord won’t call on that technician’s services again if the equipment wastes energy. With capacity and energy efficiency in mind, installers counter such challenges by turning to Rheem electric water heaters.

Sizing A New Rheem System

This is an installation tech’s first assignment. An apartment’s hot water usage figures are assessed alongside the required flow rate. There’s a balancing act to pull off here, with the landlord and apartment resident providing competing needs. Lower flows save energy, but that fact won’t please a resident in a small home, not when this individual is bathing. Rheem models are built to suit such applications. As a rough estimate, that branded appliance needs to satisfy a few user expectations. A nice, hot 80-litre bath is desired after a hot days work. Coming out of the bath, a full load of laundry might need as much as 90-litres of hot water. A kitchen tap, a bathroom shower, all of these fittings consume hot water. And those consumption figures accumulate. Typically, for a one-bedroom apartment, a 100 to 130-litre capacity hot water supply will keep even the most fastidious occupant content.

Loaded With Small Occupancy Features

An EH-100M Rheem unit should keep up with moderate demand bathing and washing chores in a one-person apartment. The appliance features a 92-minute reheating period, so it won’t run cold, not as long as a short period passes between a hot bath and a laundry load. Further improving its energy-sipping aptitude, a low-profile Incology 800 immersion type element provides plenty of performance overhead. Designed as a tank model, but a space-hugging one, too, this Rheem branded product features a corrosion-resistant vitreous enamel lining and an environmentally friendly polyurethane foam jacket, which prevents thermal leakages.

Alternatively, while still working inside a housing complex full of one-bedroom flats and studio apartments, a series of Rheem RTEX 13 electric water heaters delivers space-efficient warmth, even when a living space lacks a utility room. Fitted inside a closet-sized space, the water heater exhibits a more than satisfactory 15-LPM (litres per minute) flow rate, a rugged build quality, and Rheem’s own much-vaunted reputation for on-demand reliability. Do be aware, though, that the two featured models in this post are best-suited as moderate use appliances. Even in one-bedroom apartments, and even if the hot water heater is a Rheem, cold flow problems can occur. Skip on up to the next largest model if this is the case.

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