How to Solve Scale Build-up in Water Heater Tank

November 21, 2019

Scale build-up is the accumulation of minerals inside your water heater tank. These minerals are mostly calcium and magnesium, which looks like white particles or pieces of paper in plumbing fixtures. The said build-up could significantly reduce the estimated lifespan of your hot water heater. Below are tips on how to solve scale build-up in water heater tank.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a weak acid that is generally quite safe to use as it is often known as a kitchen aid. Vinegar breaks the scale buildup in your water heater tank. First you need to drain the water heater tank. Then, close the drain valve and pour in around four litres of cider vinegar into the tank. Afterwards, let it sit for six hours or longer. Then, open the drain valve with the draining hose attached and let some water flow through to flush out the vinegar. Flush the tank with cold water until clear water comes out. Lastly, close the draining valve and reconnect the electricity.

Water Softening System

One of the most reliable ways to solve scale buildup is by investing in a water-softening system. A water softening system removes the ions of minerals like calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water that causes it to be hard. This system exchanges the calcium and magnesium ions for another ion, usually sodium; the sodium ions will run out after a while so you need to maintain its supply and replacement. This way you can expect clear pipes, faucets, appliances, and water heater tank.

Flushing and Draining

It is extremely important to drain and flush your water heater tanks twice a year. This will remove any mineral particles and debris floating in your water heater tank. In order to do this, you need to shut off the cold water supply to the tank and turn off the electric supply or gas supply to the water heater tank. Then close the cold water supply valve to prevent more water from entering the tank so that you can drain it completely.

To help the water drain more efficiently, open up a hot water tap in a sink near the hot water heater before continuing. There should be a valve near the bottom that is designed for draining the tank. Connect a hose to the valve and put the other end of the hose where the water can safely drain, keeping in mind that it might be very hot at first. Open the drain valve and let the water drain out. Once the tank is empty, close the valve, open the cold water supply and turn the gas or electricity back on.

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