Instant Water Heaters vs. Storage Water Heaters: A Quick Comparison

October 16, 2019

There’s no room for long passages of overly descriptive text in a quick comparisons post, so let’s get straight to business. Instant water heaters provide heat to your body as soon as you open the tap. With storage heaters, there’s a momentary wait while the heat exits the tank. What’s more, there’s a limit to the volume of hot water you can get out of that tank.

Dismissing Cost Argument Myths

Instant water heater technology costs more. Storage systems are cheaper to install and run. While the former statement might be true, on-demand heaters pay for themselves over time, because there’s no volume of water to keep heating. As for the second statement, that’s a straight out myth. Instant demand heating runs cheaper, thanks in part to their advanced heat exchanger architectures.

Beating Scalability Issues

That heading doesn’t refer to hard water scaling, although that is more of an issue in heated tanks. No, you’re going to have more energy inefficiency problems with different tank sizes. If a family of 4 lives wants to take a shower, one after another, then a 180-litre tank will be installed in a closet somewhere. For a bigger family, the tank size grows. System inefficiency challenges appear as the tank grows larger. With on-demand heating, there’s no direct correlation between the family size and the demand for hot water. True, the unit will grow slightly to accommodate the size of the family, but it’s the heat exchanger, again, that keeps the volumetric flow high.

The Installation Flexibility No-Brainer

No need to guess the winner here, the instant water heater wins easily. There’s no tank to install, so there’s less light construction work to contract. Moreover, wall-mounted heaters can occupy a tiny bit of space in a utility closet. Finally, those smaller heating units offer more venting options. They can even vent through a side wall. Fan-assisted models facilitate this handy feature.

Right from the start, there’s a question that hangs over an instant water heater. According to most industry experts, they do cost more to install. Alright, that’s perhaps true, but they quickly pay for themselves because they’re far more energy-efficient than their tank-equipped counterparts. Really, if you can afford the initial expenditure, you should consider purchasing an on-demand water heater, one that’ll take up-to-no closet space. Sure to stream hot water to your tap so that you’re not left shivering for a score of skin-dimpling seconds, instant water heaters win out against storage water heaters every time. Just to be sure, though, have a chat with one of our experts before making your final decision.

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