Know What Type of Repair Your Water Heater Needs

February 6, 2020

There will be times where the temperature of our water is warm enough that it does not have to be heated anymore. However, the opposite happens whenever the season changes. Once the temperature drops, we tend to look for ways on how to heat our water supply.

One most feasible solution in heating the water is through the use of a water heater. Water heater is a type of equipment that initially heats our water supply before transferring it to our taps. Without a water heater, we would find it difficult to consume warm or hot water. 

To date, different stores have been selling water heaters just to meet the demand for hot water. Depending on the water heater that you bought, some known manufacturers create water heaters that are durable and long-lasting. Nevertheless, there will be times that some kind of repair is needed to keep the water heater running. So, to maintain your water heater, you must need to know how to repair the following water heater parts whenever they needed one.

Dip Tubes

The main purpose of the water heater’s dip tubes is to carry cold water from the supply down through the tank. Then, the water will be travelling to the bottom so that it gets heated from the combustion jets. Once the water is heated, it will go back to the top of the tank. 

A problem arises whenever the dip tubes are broken since they will just deposit cold water at the top of the tank, mixing the hot water to the cold one. If you have a sudden decrease in the supply of hot water, then find and assess your dip tubes right away. You can simply call an expert to fix or replace these tubes. 


This part is specific for water heaters that are powered by gas. Gas-powered water heaters rely on burners to heat the water. Just like those in a gas furnace, the burner can accumulate rust or dirt across its surface that can lead to a lot of issues such as difficulties igniting the burner, low flow of gas, or blockage in the line of the burner. These issues then lead to a loss of heating power for the water heater. Since the burner relies heavily on natural gas, it would be safer for you to contact your trusted technicians right away no matter what the problem is. Let them restore and clean up your burner since they are equipped with the best tool and gears available for repair.

Heating Elements

On the other hand, electric water heaters have two heating elements inside the tank to raise the water temperature. Just like a burner, these heating elements are essential to keep the water as hot as one wants. If one of the elements is damaged, expect your water to be not warm enough. Fortunately, these heating elements can still be replaced by your repair technicians right away. Knowing the type of repair needed for your water heater parts is important so that you will know if your technician is doing it right. After all, it is still your water heater. If you are looking for a skilled repair technician for your water heater maintenance, then look no more as we at Bexley Hot Water Repairs got your back.

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