Quantum Brand for Solar Heating: Available at Bexley Hot Water Repairs and Installation

May 21, 2018

Heating water can add significantly to your power bills when you select the traditional electric or gas hot water heaters. If you want to save big time on this task, choose to install the Quantum brand for solar water heaters. This brand performs reliably for you, and Bexley Hot Water Repairs just happens to sell this brand along with providing repair and installation services for it.

Why to Purchase Quantum Brand for Solar Heating Your Water

Quantum has spent over 30 years perfecting its solar heat pumps for heating water in an efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly fashion. This company demands that these water heaters perform with the utmost of reliability even in the harshest of Australian weather conditions. The company knows that traditional heating methods for water are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and strives to do its part to provide an alternative that leaves less of a carbon footprint on the Earth.

Through installing the correct size of this brand of solar water heater for your monthly usage, climate and size of household, your will not only reduce the amount of greenhouse gas that you emit into the air, but you will also save money on your power bills, which will enhance your lifestyle. There are no roof panels or extra components to worry about since these heat pumps install in a similar manner to traditional electric hot water heaters. For this reason, there are less issues convert to these heat pumps to obtain a reliable source for solar water heating. Quantum offers five models for domestic use that range from 150 litre to 270 litre in capacity. Also, this company offers two commercial models that both have the capacity of 340 litres.

Reasons to Rely on Bexley Hot Water Repairs

Turn to Bexley Hot Water Repairs for your Quantum brand of water heaters since we are a local authorised dealer for them and the fact that we are committed to reduce energy consumption as much as possible here in Australia. Also, our company offers complete installation services for these heaters as well as repair services if necessary during your ownership of them. Since we specialise in all types of water heaters on top of this brand, we can guide you to the best Quantum model for your needs and even provide a comparison in energy use with traditional gas or electric models. Bexley sends highly skilled technicians to your location to perform all of our available services, and we back all of our work and products with guarantees and pertinent warranties. You will never need another source for your water heaters or related services.

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