Solar Water Heaters for Home Energy Savings

February 28, 2018

What is better than having a reliable source of hot water in your home? A reliable source of hot water that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. For years, people have been slowly turning away from conventional water heaters in order to embrace more green and effective energy sources — such as solar power. Today, our discussion is going to be centred on the many benefits of a solar water heater and what it can do for your home. If you are in the market to make a change then keep on reading because we might have the solar water heater for you.

Solar Water Heaters: What’s the big deal?

If it seems like people are constantly going on and on about clean energy, then it is because they are. However, these folks aren’t doing it to annoy you! Instead, they want you to see the benefits of switching to a system like our solar water heaters. Solar energy is a hand-in-glove fit for all of your water heating needs because it gives you a host of benefits while reducing the negatives associated with older, conventional water heating methods like gas or electricity. We’ll go ahead and talk about a few of those benefits below.

1. Home Energy Savings – How can we start our list off in any other way than by talking about the incredible energy savings solar heat can bring? In particularly sunny areas of the country, solar power is an incredibly strong way to reduce your bills while maintaining your same quality of living. Solar systems are cheaper to run and they’ll save you a ton of money in the long run.

2. Environmental Protection – When you use solar powered water heaters, you are reducing your carbon footprint while helping the environment at the same time. At Bexley Hot Water Repairs we understand that every little action can have a pronounced and positive reaction. Simply switching electric to solar hot water can lead to a nearly 20% reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Hot & Ready – Despite common misconception, solar water heaters are effective around the calendar. In Australia, solar water heaters are particularly effective thanks to positive and conducive conditions for their operation.

Buying the Right Solar Water Heater

Once you’ve decided that a solar water heater is right for your home, you need to reach out to our highly-qualified technicians. They can walk you through the steps you need to take in order to outfit your home with the proper sized solar water heater for your needs.

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