What Makes Small Capacity Rheem Electric Water Heaters Ideal for Small Apartments and Kitchens?

May 15, 2019

It’s a good question, what does make a small capacity, electrically powered Rheem Water Heater the perfect fit for a limited-space apartment? To answer what should be a straightforward query, let’s first define the dimensions of that small living space. Is it a studio apartment or a one-bedroom flat? What about the kitchen? If we’re talking about a studio, there might not even be a separate room for cooking.

Small-Living Realities

Unfortunately, even in Australia, drastic resource-saving solutions are being used in our larger cities to conserve living space. What should be a one-person room finds itself occupied with 2, perhaps even 3 people. Then there are the floorplans to add to the water capacity equations. A tiny shower or bathtub occupies a small room while a kitchen range stands inside a partially enclosed space. What a small apartment this is, but even that small-profile standard would make sense if this truly was a standard apartment size. However, Australia is also full of Victorian-era buildings. Split into small apartments, these living spaces can accommodate 2, maybe even as many as 4 full-grown adults. Clearly, it’s not easy to pigeonhole small apartments or their kitchens.

The Benefits of Rheem’s Small Apartment Appliances

High-performance electric water heaters need to hold enough water to satisfy the occupants of a modern small apartment. Just as importantly, they should also have enough hot water volume and output-per-minute capacity to satisfy the residents in one of those older but larger flats. Baselining it, a minimum 125-litre tank capacity should be established. That’s a feature that exists in the Rheem Stellar 125-litre Electric Water Heater series, which is made of stainless steel. The RheemPlus range also has a 125-litre model, so even though an apartment renter has next to no space to decorate, they still have at least two potential Rheem-manufactured water heating options to pick from. That’s a benefit that stretches to the kitchen, too, for there are yet smaller models to sort through. Under a sink or over a kitchen countertop, a 50-litre Rheem Stellar, again made of stainless steel, delivers hot kitchen tap water every time a small family meal is done and it’s time to do the dishes.

Rheem’s lower range of electric water heaters hasn’t gained the “lower” label because they’re cheap. To the contrary, they’re located there because they’re the small capacity members of an elite appliance group. Just as efficient and performance enhanced as their larger peers, the small-capacity, small apartment and kitchen water heaters efficiently sip electricity through their single-element parts while ensuring enough shower, laundering or dishwashing hot water is on-hand at all times, night or day.

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